Can you recall the Beats Unraveled series from a few years ago with multi-instrumental live covers of J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Madlib, amongst others? Well, that guy, BINKBEATS (Utrecht, the Netherlands) now presents his very first official track, poetically titled “Heartbreaks from the Black of the Abyss.”

The video is directed by Arts the Beatdoctor, and kicks off a series of new videos and tour dates, building up anticipation for the debut album he’s working on. Highly recommended, and dig in the links above to (re)discover the incredible Beats Unraveled series.

“I’ve been hibernating quite a while to write my own songs, and this is the first result. LUWTEN is a longtime friend of mine, and I just love her voice. Expect new videos regularly, starting this week.” – BINKBEATS


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