Mix: DJ Shorty82 – Science

Mix: DJ Shorty82 – Science

Pawel Kowalczyk a.k.a. DJ Shorty82 hails from Pila, a small town in Poland. He’s a self-proclaimed ‘hip hop activist’ for over 20 years: a seasoned B-boy, graff writer, and a strictly vinyl DJ with a big passion for collecting records, making mixtapes on a regular basis.

‘Science’ is his latest mix, compiled and made for The Find. It mainly consists of tracks from the last 10 years, all with that old school flavour we all love. Hip hop is timeless, and with ‘Science’ DJ Shorty82 shows exactly that.

Including tracks by K-Def, Surreal, El Da Sensei, Marco Polo, Jazz Spastiks, Easy Mo Bee, Pete Flux, amongst many others. Press play to see the tracklist.

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