Stay Hungry #1 (A Mix Series by The Find)

Stay Hungry #1 (A Mix Series by The Find)

Yes yes! After bringing you the sounds of Stay Thirsty for over 4 years now (don’t worry, Kamir is still working on new editions in between taking over the world as a mad scientist, it isn’t over yet!), we decided to breathe life into another podcast series. Conveniently titled ‘Stay Hungry’, for those of you hungry for even more.

Your host Jelger takes you on a journey through favorites of a couple of The Find editors. The idea: the very-very best of the last 365 days. The outcome: 1.5 hours of timeless tracks. Hip hop is the main ingredient, but you’ll also hear jazz, soul, funk and electronic music.

Press play to kick things off with Floating Points, and expect to hear stuff by the likes of BBNG, NxWorries, Madlib, L’Orange, Ghostface, Oddisee, Blu, Robert Glasper, P.U.T.S, amongst many others.

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