Get deeB’s Slowmocean on Vinyl

Get deeB’s Slowmocean on Vinyl

Dutch beatmaker deeB (part of the Dusted Wax Kingdom family, as well as his self-established beatmakers collective Phonophanatic) is about to make his full-length vinyl debut. As you probably know, it’s quite the gamble -and investment- for an indie artist to press music on vinyl. That’s why, backed by Dutch platform Chillhop, they’ve started a project on Qrates, an analog-on-demand vinyl pressing service.

Qrates allows artists to press vinyl records starting on as low as 100 copies, completely on on-demand basis. So if you reach the goal, the record will be pressed at one of their partners, vinyl plant WOLFPACK (France) or GZ Media (The Netherlands). If not, then nothing happens. Makes life for an indie artist with a vinyl wish, a whole lot easier…


But, back to deeB: his new album Slowmocean is out now, and consists of 8 tracks inspired by the ocean, and the power of the tides. Meaning: 8 atmospheric, warm, downtempo hip hop tracks.

Support deeB and get your vinyl copy of Slowmocean. He’s already halfway to the target of 200 copies, so help him out if you dig his productions. And don’t worry, you won’t get charged till the goal is reached.

Pre-order Vinyl (+ Free Download) // Digital Download

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