News: Buy ‘Gem Drops Two’ compilation and support cancer research

News: Buy ‘Gem Drops Two’ compilation and support cancer research

This is the second installment of Dropping Gems’ compilation series highlighting an electric melange of uptempo and downtempo jams, hazy dream melodies, and space station future-flights. All of the money raised by “Gem Drops Two” will be donated to the American Cancer Society to support cancer research, in the same manner as the first fundraising compilation.

Dropping Gems: “This time we’ve assembled exclusive material from a whole new set of prominent forward-thinking producers, and once again paired them with brand new material from our collective’s members. (…) Our basic mission here has been to cull together the ‘best of’ from the diverse range of styles, scenes, head-spaces and localities that catch our ear.”

“Gem Drops Two” is available as digital compilation and as limited edition cassette tape over at Bandcamp.

1. Mndsgn – intenshnnns 02:43
2. S. Maharba – For Someone (Abandonment) 03:31
3. DJAO – Engraving 03:35
4. Bone Rock – Yellow 01:48
5. Strangeloop – Duasi 02:30
6. Ghost Feet – Crystal Pet Part 1 04:28
7. Daedelus – California 03:30
8. Brownbear – Empty Jars 04:48
9. Co. fee – Florence 02:02
10. LDFD – SKiFREE 03:26
11. Timeboy – Twiddle Dee 03:35
12. Natasha Kmeto – Belly 04:23
13. Nocow – Sever Ties 04:07
14. Citymouth – Searches Birches 03:13
15. Asura – The First Wound (Burning Water) 06:19
16. The Great Mundane – Deplete 04:03
17. Rap Class – Da Booth 02:20
18.D33J – Stuck 04:16
19. Gumar – Hitachi 04:21
20. Wires For Salu – WILD 03:04


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