News: Free weekly gift by DJ crew C2C; debut album on its way

In the world of turntablism the three-letter name C2C is known as one of the best international dj crews out there. Thanks to their unique blend of technical dexterity and innate musical sensitivity, they have been ranked #1 in the DMC World Championships four times in a row (2003-2006). But now a new chapter opens up: C2C’s debut album is on its way, preceded by an EP and a free gift every week.

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The first giveaway is their 6-minute set from the 2001 edition of DMC France, which gives you a good taste of their diverse style, sample usage and virtuosity. It’s the first time this DMC set is available as free (legal) download. Keep an eye on C2C’s Facebook page or Twitter (@C2Cdjs) for more weekly free gifts called ‘Free Day Friday (FDF)’, and check out other projects by C2C members: Hocus Pocus, Beat Torrent and Soul Square.

Rather than relying on borrowed samples and scratches for the upcoming album, C2C has recorded an extensive palette of acoustic instruments such as strings, brass, guitar and bass, often played on vintage instruments and equipment to capture the elusive “seventies sound” they all cherish. The same goes for the voice tracks, featuring gospel, soul and hip hop vocalists.

The result is an acrobatic yet deeply melodic and atmospheric series of pieces, a uniquely electrifying blend of electro-funk, groove, soul, bossa-nova, jazz and hip hop moods. 20syl in an older interview with The Find Mag: “Listen to songs on Hocus Pocus albums featuring C2C like ‘Feel Good’ or ‘Move On’, the album will be similar to those styles. There maybe going to be some references to the sets we did on the DMC Championships, as well.”

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