News: Kero One launches Kickstarter campaign for new album ‘Color Theory’

News: Kero One launches Kickstarter campaign for new album ‘Color Theory’

Producer and emcee Kero One just launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance his upcoming album “Color Theory”. According to himself, it’s his biggest album project yet. So let’s hope against all odds that it lives up to his critically acclaimed debut Windmills Of The Soul, a groundbreaking album for the jazz-hop genre. The release is scheduled for early July.

Kero One: “I’m extremely excited about this album and dare I say, I believe this is my best album yet. For the past decade, I’ve enjoyed having full creative freedom from self releasing my music and this release is no different – It’s just me and the music.” That’s pretty much basic promo talk we hear from every artist releasing a new album, so be the judge yourself based on the lead single What Am I Supposed To Do?

Support Kero One and the campaign for his new album “Color Theory” on Kickstarter. In return for your pledge you can get mp3s, autographed CDs, T-shirts, “out of print” vinyl records, a handdrawn thank you card, and much more. Kero One explains everything in the video below.


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