News: Samon Kawamura announces new album (+ Previews)

News: Samon Kawamura announces new album (+ Previews)

Eclectic German/Japanese producer Samon Kawamura has finally announced a new upcoming project called ‘Thaima’ apparently to be released in October. The release will be his first album since 2009’s outtakes from his amazing Unfold album. ‘Thaima’ will be the first in a new series called ‘SPUR OF THE MOMENT’.

Judging on the previews and tracks available for stream, Samon has been influenced by Eastern styles and the album promises to have a distinct sound collage of hip hop and Asian music.

Check out the two tracks that have been uploaded to Soundcloud so far, ‘Tuk Tuk’, and the title track ‘Thaima’. October is approaching a close, and my excitement grows and grows in anticipation of this release.

He also released a short video containing snippets of the album along with scenes of Asia. The sounds are just amazing, ‘Thaima’ is gearing up to be one hell of a release. Stay tuned for more information, we will let you know when it drops!

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