News: Support ‘Hip Hop On Wax’, a documentary about the earliest rap records

News: Support ‘Hip Hop On Wax’, a documentary about the earliest rap records

Last year filmmaker Jesper Jensen released the acclaimed documentary Beat Diggin’, featuring D.I.T.C., Godfather Don and Da Beatminerz finding samples in record stores and making tracks in the studio. His new endeavour is Hip Hop On Wax, a documentary about the earliest rap records and hip hop classics. It’s a crowdfunding projectso he needs your help to make it happen.

The film will explore how rappers, musicians and producers first started working together and how they created the first original hip hop records. Jensen: “We wish to hear key players tell about bridging the street and the studio to record hip hop classics. The documentary will consist of new interviews and tours through recording studios, parks and clubs and possibly performances and archive footage.”

We highly encourage you to donate a little something-something below to support this project. You get several rewards in return. A professional videographer is ready to film the whole documentary, starting this May, but the initiators need to cover expenses and air travel costs with this new crowdfunding campaign. Hip Hop On Wax will be released on DVD and will be submitted to selected film and music festivals, cinemas and TV channels. Put it on wax!


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