Support: 72 Soul’s “She Likes To Play” IndieGoGo Campaign

Brussels-based singer/emcee, DJ and writer 72 Soul a.k.a. Lazy Rebel is working on an inspiring project around his soul-infused track “She Likes To Play” with producer Akello Light. It’s a cross-media endeavour consisting of a short film and a 10″ vinyl record, backed by The Find and others.

“It’s the story about a man and a woman. They love, they fight. They kiss and throw punches. Flashback to the future. No passion without pain, no sunshine without rain. The screen blacks out. Linda points a gun at Ron. She’s crying and she looks away. She likes to play…”

The music video of “She Likes To Play” functions as a short film and tells the intimate story summarized above. It will be shot by director Eric Boni, who studied cinema in Los Angeles and currently lives in Brussels.

The 10″ vinyl record is going to be released in a limited run of 200 copies, with B-side tracks (re-mastered for this vinyl release) including the incredible track “Fool Is Blind” (below) produced by MonkeyRobot – the very first time it’s pressed on wax! The sample of the classic song “Cool Out” by Leroy Hutson gives the B-side track a fresh and timeless vibe.

There’s still momentum for indie crowd-funding initiatives like this, so as The Find we highly encourage you to support and spread independent projects you like. These days music isn’t one-way traffic from artist to fan anymore: it’s ongoing interactive teamwork that needs support and praise back-to-back. So donate a little something-something if you like this collaboration by creative cats 72 Soul, Akello Light and Eric Boni, and in return they will provide you with vinyl, stickers, downloads, CDs and/or bundles.

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