Free Download: Midiflash – Pleased To Beat You (2012)

Free Download: Midiflash – Pleased To Beat You (2012)

“From behind closed doors in Munich into the big, wide world of hip hop” is the motto for “Pleased To Beat You” by Munich producers Robster and LowDown, together known as Midiflash. Because for quite a while the creative process all happened behind closed doors, without any ambitions to go public.

Music: Midiflash – City Of Saints

But thanks to the wonderful web and a shared love for hip hop, the two producers were able to get a full line-up of international emcees on  the album, ranging from M-Dot and Little Vic to Morlockk Dilemma, The Society Of Invisibles, and Black Tiger. But they also managed to not end up sounding like a wildly random compilation, by letting DJ LP2 from Copenhagen mix this into a coherent result.

Midiflash’s sample-oriented beats complemented with hard-hitting drums, LP2′s cuts, and a broad arsenal of talented guest emcees make this a rough album full of dope hip hop. Midiflash is waving the flag for classic timeless rap, even though the project doesn’t see itself as a return to the “old values”.

1. Pleased To Beat You (feat. Little Vic, Mr. Malchau, Revilo & GQ Nothin Pretty)
2. Transatlantic Artivism (M-Dot, Black Tiger, Roger Rekless & Kapa)
3. Straight Fire (feat. The Society Of Invisibles, Morlockk Dilemma & Cerebros)
4. I Got This (feat. J-Spliff)
5. Next To You (feat. EQ, Beond, Yello Blac, Darnell McClain & Antihelden)
6. Hip Hop (feat. Dookz Cannon)
7. Maneater (feat. Tribeca)
8. Warlordz (feat. Banish, Aims & R.U.F.F.K.I.D.D.)
9. The Weapon Is Set (feat. Destruct & Mortis One)
10. Raw Uncut (feat. Mordekaii & Kwote 1)
11. Without A Reason (feat. Side Effect & Revilo)
12. You Ain`t Ready (feat. M-Dot, Mr. Malchau, Nutso & Antihelden)
13. City Of Saints (feat. Mesidge & Antihelden)

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