Announcement: The Sun Still Rises In The East results

It’s been two weeks since the release of our ‘The Sun Still Rises In The East’ compilation, of which all profits go to Red Cross’ Japan Tsunami Appeal. We are very proud to announce that we’ve raised a total of $1.771,94 (1.259,73 Euro) for Japan!

Pat D approached us with this idea on behalf of A Bridge Too Far Recordings and we decided to hop on board immediately to help those in need. Within only 72 hours we realized an amazing line-up with artists such as LeftO, Joe Kickass, Soul Square, Weedy (of 40 Winks), Dragon Fli Empire, Dela, Incise, Navid B and much more, resulting in a collection of mainly unreleased material.

Bandcamp featured our compilation on their front page for a few weeks, we’ve reached 26.288 plays and 181 sales in total, 1.071 people shared it on Facebook and the responses by listeners were more than positive. We are very proud of the outcome and based on the results, we can definitely label this as a great success.

Thanks a lot to Pat D for setting up this donation project, a big up to all involved artists and major thanks to everyone who has supported this project. It’s great to see that on such a short notice artists, fans, listeners and bloggers united to help out Japan.


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