DJ D.Fenz – The Dope Ish (All-Vinyl Guest Mix)

DJ D.Fenz – The Dope Ish (All-Vinyl Guest Mix)

“Originally recorded on cassette tape. So don’t blame me for the slightly noisy and dirty sound, I just tried to keep it lo-fi ; ) No gimmicks, no pomp, no bullshit.” – DJ D.Fenz

DJ D.Fenz is a passionate vinyl collector and hobby DJ from a small town in Germany. This all-new, all-vinyl The Dope Ish guest mix boasts independent hip-hop from far beyond the jiggy and mainstream, peppered with a prize of cuts and backspin.

His living room session (originally recorded on cassette tape) features tracks by Kenn Starr, Schoolz of Thought, People Under The Stairs, Cannibal Ox, Pete Flux & Parental, and more.


Cannibal Ox – The F-Word
Kenn Starr – Walk The Walk
Pete Flux & Parental – Right Here
Masta Ace – Bklyn Masala
Grand Agent – It’s Only Right (feat. Planet Asia)
Schoolz Of Thought – These Things You Say (D-Smooth’s Reprise)
Kev Brown – Allways
Jurassic 5 – Hey
Iomos Marad – Elevate
People Under The Stairs – Keepin It Live
Count Bass D – Violatin’ (The Mighty V.I.C. Remix) (Instrumental)

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Compensates his boring project management job with spending pretty much all his income on records. Hip-hop geek for as long as he can remember.