Find More Music: The Beatmakers behind ‘Jazzvolution Chapter Two’

Find More Music: The Beatmakers behind ‘Jazzvolution Chapter Two’

Last month, we released the second record in our Jazzvolution series: an ode to the art of beatmaking. The vinyl record explores the boundaries of hip-hop beats and steps right over that boundary into jazz territory. 

We already shared this via our infrequent newsletter: an overview of finds to get to know all producers part of the compilation including Propo’88, Shin-Ski, Amerigo Gazaway, L’Orange, Cosmic Analog Ensemble, and seven other beatmakers-slash-instrumentalists.

Click the link below to find music such as guest mixes by LTF and Tensei, recent beats by the likes of Shin-Ski and Bobby Obsy, interviews with Surreal (fun fact: his contribution to Chapter Two is a tribute to J Dilla & Stereolab) and Medline, and more. “Keep on searching ’til we find that something to find…”

Get the vinyl record

Jazzvolution Chapter Two is limited to 300 copies. It’s currently #2 in HHV’s Instrumental Hip-Hop Top 100, and sits on the #20 spot in the overall Top 100. So don’t miss out on your own copy of the record before it’s gone: get it here via HHV for only €16,99.

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