Free Download: B-Rhymin – 7 Days of B-Rhymin (2012)

Free Download: B-Rhymin – 7 Days of B-Rhymin (2012)

Socal emcee, B-Rhymin, recently embarked on a quest to write a verse for each day of the week and a corresponding video for each one as well. Each song has its own unique style and vibe to it.

From the old school hip hop feel of Tuesday’s verse to the smooth jazzy horns and melodies of Thursday’s verse. Not only is each song lyrically unique but every beat is different as well from a range of producers like DJ Mitsu the Beats, EOM, Handbook and more.

Watch a couple of the videos below and if you dig it download each track for free via Bandcamp and check out the rest of the videos!

1. Sunday Morning
2. Feng Shui Monday
3. Kickin’ It Ol’ Skool on Tuezday
4. Whensday
5. Just Another Thursday
6. It’s Finally Friday
7. Funky Fresh Saturday

Free Download

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