Free Download: Abjo – Obrigado (2011) (+Video)

Free Download: Abjo – Obrigado (2011) (+Video)

Brazil is home to some of the tastiest sounds in the world. The country has a rich musical history and booming modern scene. Brazilian music has been sampled to make countless hip hop classics by cats like Madlib, Nujabes, MF DOOM, and way more.

Recently San Diego beatmaker AbJo dropped a beat tape called ‘Obrigado!’ (‘Thank You’ in Portuguese), inspired by Brazilian music featuring hard-hitting percussion and jazzy laid back grooves.

Check the video by ElFamosoDemon to get a feel for it and then check out the album. There are definitely some great tracks on ‘Obrigado!’ so kick back and enjoy!

1. Obrigado! 02:00
2. Barumba 01:33
3. Nalé’s Song 03:01
4. The Jam Session, Part Dois 01:40
5. Arrastao 02:20
6. A Volta Por Cima! 02:40
7. #PartyWithAJugOfRossiTonight 03:42
8. 1x4YourMind. 02:28
9. Alma Doce 03:04
10. For The Favela 01:14
11. That Alma In Seu Orelha 01:58
12. Don’t Remember… 01:12

Free Download

UPDATE (12/07/12): Seems like this release isn’t free anymore. AbJo is most likely out of Bandcamp download codes, so it might be possible again if you try later on.

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