Free Download: Dainumo, Jeesh, P.SUS & Pogo – Far Far Away (2012)

Free Download: Dainumo, Jeesh, P.SUS & Pogo – Far Far Away (2012)

For those of you that grew up lost in the universe of Star Wars like myself, this recent Star Wars mash up beat tape is an incredible nostalgic trip through the imperial and rebel battles, Jedi training, Sith evil, droids and much more.

Some of the best mash up artists, P.SUS, Dainumo, Jeesh and the incredible Pogo came together for a 14-track album made entirely from sounds heard from the original Star Wars trilogy.

The more recent Star Wars films were basically a disgrace, so thankfully there is no Jar Jar Binks or any of that retardedness on this album. Remember that Sand People always travel in single file to hide their numbers… So watch out for those blasted Tusken Raiders. Also listen to Headnodic’s Funky Star Wars mix for more galactic tunes.

1. P.SUS – A Long Time Ago 03:17
2. Dainumo – Light Speed 02:39
3. Jeesh – Sky Walking 02:50
4. Pogo – Yoda Yodel 02:26
5. P.SUS – The Rebel Alliance 02:37
6. Dainumo – Sidious 02:56
7. Jeesh – Saberz and Laserz 02:54
8. P.SUS – I Know… 03:06
9. Dainumo – Star Story 03:01
10. Jeesh – Han and Leia 02:32
11. P.SUS – Sith Saber 02:52
12. Dainumo – Artoo! 02:47
13. Dainumo – Luke (Extended) 03:22
14. Jeesh – The Force 02:30

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