Free Download: Baba Brinkman – The Cantebury Tales Remixed (2012)

Free Download: Baba Brinkman – The Cantebury Tales Remixed (2012)

Story telling has always been an artful aspect of emceeing which some rappers have excelled at while others simply ramble streams of complex metaphors, multisyllabic rhymes or blatant braggadocio.

Emcees like Slick Rick, Ghostface Killah, Homeboy Sandman and Raw Poetic have often shown miraculous prowess at painting vivid plots and characters throughout a rap and sweeping the listener deep into an engaging story. Well, Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman on his most recent release takes story telling to a whole new level with highly impressive and hilarious anecdotal interpretations of classic tales.

Baba Brinkman’s The Cantebury Tales Remixed enjoyed a critically acclaimed 3 month run on Broadway, casting the audience into an in-depth journey through ancient human epic stories and their relation to modern rap. Listening to the 11-minute song “Gilgamesh” is an incredible journey filled with clever and poignant rhymes that tell the story of one of the earliest known human literature, ultimately ending with deep ponderings on our own human existence.

This is definitely a unique and amazingly well crafted project that displays a thoroughly original perspective on hip hop music. Check this out and more of Baba Brinkman on his Bandcamp for a great exposition of intelligent rap.

1. Prologue 01:19
2. Gilgamesh 11:43
3. Pardoner 08:16
4. Interlude A 00:45
5. Nun’s Priest 07:30
6. Merchant 10:22
7. Interlude B 01:08
8. Wife of Bath 09:53
9. Beowulf 08:45
10. Epilogue 01:25

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