Free Download: Insightful – Feather’d Son (2012)

Free Download: Insightful – Feather’d Son (2012)

San Diego and Soulection’s own Insightful is back on the grind with yet another monstrous release. Feather’d Son is a lightning jolt to the senses full of pulsating glassy synths, soul rending laser bass lines, and heavy percussion.

I’m fairly certain this music was made for a shamanic ceremony in a far off star system on the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy, a ritual we can only begin to comprehend through sound. Strap on your glitch helmet and knee pads and get down.

1. Hey Hey Yea 03:13
2. Snakes In The Sanctuary 03:15
3. Pendent 02:30
4. Bagel Mold 03:45
5. Something You Never Said 03:19
6. Nightime In San Fransisco 00:54
7. Space Tea 03:17
8. From Here 01:43
9. Window 02:37
10. Cramps 03:32
11. Sleepy Eyed 03:01
12. Napkin People 02:31
13. Feather Face 02:37
14. She Bad 02:43
15. Beep Bleep 02:36
16. Fill 03:39
17. SunLight 03:18

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