Free Download: Lee Spacey – Remix EP (2012)

Free Download: Lee Spacey – Remix EP (2012)

Our homie and fellow The Find contributer Lee Spacey just dropped his latest collection of cosmic hip hop bass beats featuring remixes of tracks from his last album Mesosphere as well as some new tracks with emcees. These nasty glitched up excursions are a roundhouse kick to the vestibular system that might make you lose your balance with their off kilter drums, wonky synths and heavy bass lines.

The EP is totally free and comes with remixes by Maximoe, NICKLOGISTIK, Oddlogic, Mutespeaker, and Mezzo. The two rap tracks at the end of the release show Lee’s spaced out production fusing nicely with rhymes by Thrift Store Piff Gang and SupaSmashBruthaz. All in all the EP is another great addition to the Lee Spacey arsenal and indicates more great music to come.

1. PLF (Maximoe Remix) 04:29
2. PLF (NICKLOGISTIK Remix) 03:35
3. TIMED (Mute Speaker Remix) 03:38
4. TIMED (Mezzo remix) 02:55
5. TIMED (Oddlogic Remix) 03:40
6. Thrift Store Piff Gang – Money & Molly (Remix) (Prod. Lee Spacey) 03:41
7. SupaSmashBruthaz – Set Trip (Prod. Lee Spacey) 01:23

Free Download

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