Free MP3: Pete Rock – Revenge ft. Grap Luva (DJ Devastate Remix)

Free MP3: Pete Rock – Revenge ft. Grap Luva (DJ Devastate Remix)

Here at The Find Magazine we love to hear personal stories about inspiration and inluences. It’s great to talk to an artist who goes on and on about how he got into hip hop, to share memories and to find out about mutual favorites. In a way this new remix by Swedish producer DJ Devastate is also part of an ongoing hip hop story.

This remix of Pete Rock’s “Revenge” is part of Devastate’s series of remixes and reinterpretations. It’s not a story with words, but these remixes show his background in music and artists he’s influenced by; reinterpreting them with his own personal style.

After remixes of tracks by the likes of The Roots, J-Ro (of The Alkoholiks), Amy Winehouse and Anthony Hamilton, including several The Find collabs, now he takes on “Revenge” by the legendary Pete Rock featuring his younger soul brother, Grap Luva. Thumping drums, turntable acrobatics and deep bass lines, we love it!


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