Beatmaker Ghostnaut put together quite a line-up!  Together with fellow Montrealer Blazino, he produced “Delight” featuring—here we go—Raashan Ahmad (formerly of Crown City Rockers), Ozay Moore (formerly of Lightheaded), Moira Jean (of Raw Collective), and an illustration by Chillhop regular Jim Spendlove, animated by 12 Inch Motion.

The two producers met during the Loop Sessions event in Montreal where the local beatmaking community gathers and challenges itself by making beats under pressured time with imposed vinyl records.

“The creation process of the track was made on a Sunday afternoon in my lab,” says Ghostnaut. “No samples involved. It started with a simple brainstorm during a couple of hours trying to achieve a boom bap beat with an organic vibe to it. The track’s theme is simply about catching positive energy to enjoy a ‘Delightful’ musical moment.”

Animated Record Covers by 12 Inch Motion