Atwashere (a.k.a. DJ At) – Trust In Wax (Live Mix)

Atwashere (a.k.a. DJ At) – Trust In Wax (Live Mix)

Trust in Wax is an artist collective and record label based in Münster, Germany. It’s home to Atwashere (a.k.a. DJ At), Baronski, Curls & Nods, and Downslow, who all produce and play records ranging from hip-hop to soul, and from jungle to reggae. Whatever gets them going.

This live mix by Atwashere was originally played at Coraci, a festival in Münster against racism. It’s a live recording, so expect a high-energy mix of rap, beats, funk and reggae vibes, and a bunch of their own re-edits, remixes, and Trust In Wax tracks.

Featuring music by Tek.lun, Tito Wun, Ghostface Killah, Chaka Khan, Chemical Brothers, and much more:


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