Listen: Jonwayne’s Rap Album Two

Listen: Jonwayne’s Rap Album Two

After going into exile two years ago to face his alcohol addiction, it was music that got former Stones Throw signee Jonwayne through the tough times.

In an open letter two months ago, he says “(…) I was a black plague of a vessel and my brain was a descending spiral staircase of morbid tendencies.” And now there’s Rap Album Two, his “wise counselor” to get out of the dark times, and to step back into the limelight.

The album is a thoughtful reflection of his inner struggles as a 26-year-old, coping with isolation and addiction. Luckily for you, Jonwayne’s way of coping with it is by making topnotch, powerful hip hop. The outcome: 12 heavy-hitting tracks, serving as a rope to get out of the dark, deep well where he came from.

It’s good to have him back.

The album contains features by Zeroh (go check him out if you don’t know his music yet!), Low Leaf, Shango & Danny Watts.

TED Talk
LIVE From The Fuck You
Human Condition
Out Of Sight
The Single
Paper (f. Shango)
City Lights
Rainbow (f. Danny Watts)
Afraid Of Us (f. Zeroh)
Blue Green (f. Low Leaf)
Hills (f. Zeroh)
These Words Are Everything


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