Shin-Ski – Lazy Afternoon With Electric Piano Man (Beat Tape)

Shin-Ski – Lazy Afternoon With Electric Piano Man (Beat Tape)

If we have to believe Shin-Ski‘s Bandcamp page, Lazy Afternoon With Electric Piano Man was made by his “secret roommate”, SOM. All speculation aside, one thing is for sure: the beat tape is full of soul and warm electric piano sounds.

On a related note, a brand new track by the Japanese producer has been featured on our upcoming vinyl record, Jazzvolution Chapter Two, with keys by jazz pianist Satoshi Sugiyama. He was also responsible for all piano on Shin-Ski’s Virtuality album, one of my favorite releases of this year.

Then I guess there’s only one last thing left to say: “We’re all in the mood for a melody / And you got us feeling alright.”


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