Stream: Torus – Torus EP (2012)

Stream: Torus – Torus EP (2012)

Sonic Router introduces us to Torus, an 18 year old beat maker from The Netherlands. After 3 years of being a website and mix blog, Sonic Router have now evolved into a record label with their first release being the selftitled EP by the young dutchman.

The EP has 6 very ambient beats. Found samples and field recordings are all over this release creating easy listening beats with a nice atmospheric back drop. When I listen to these songs I’m reminded of the music on Shlohmo’s Bad Vibes or a number of tracks by UK producer, Soosh. I’ve known Torus for a while now, when I met him he was going by the name “Deadstokdonut”, making Dilla-esque drum patterns with heavy basslines. I wasn’t expecting a easy listening release by him and yet he pulls it off really well.

There are also 2 remixes on this release, by Dynooo and Slugabed.

If you really liked Shlohmo’s “Bad Vibes” you should check out this EP. It’s worth listening to on a relaxing afternoon.

I got the chance to ask Torus 3 questions, here they are ;

What are the influences you had when making this EP ?

I just really wanted to make an EP as a whole not just tracks on their own… so that was kinda the main idea. Besides that I really wanted to get a nature-ish organic foggy dreamlike feel to most of the tracks, like tracks you could play to pretty much any scene played in slow motion.

Why did you send your demo to Sonic Router ?

I planned on self releasing the whole thing at first so I was contacting blogs I thought were cool but then sonic router turned out to be really hyped about the whole thing and decided to make it their first release.

How would you describe the music on your EP ?

The soundtrack to slow motion clips of rainforests at dawn

01. Blurred
02. Cave Monsters Are Kind
03. Forests
04. Knocks
05. Monday Masses
06. Vocaldonuts