Stream: Various Artists – Tribute To Jun IV (Nujabes Tribute)

Stream: Various Artists – Tribute To Jun IV (Nujabes Tribute)

“The late great Nujabes” is an understatement. The Japanese producer is still a true legend, known for his melodic hip hop productions, touching compositions and his distinctive warm, atmospheric style. His death was mourned around the world by jazz-hop fanatics, but his legacy lives on through a new generation of beatmakers inspired by Jun Seba.

The fourth edition of “Tribute To Jun” by Digi Crates Records showcases some of those contemporary producers. Guys like Kyo Itachi, P.SUS, Sinitus Tempo and Reki show their respect and gratitude for Nujabes. Ten mellow tracks, all with Nujabes as the main source of inspiration.

“Tribute To Jun IV” is now available digitally, and on black and yellow vinyl. The latter is a limited run, so better be quick if you want a copy for your collection.


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