Video: Nujabes – Luv(sic) Part 6 feat. Shing02 (Uyama Hiroto Remix)

The death of Nujabes was shocking to all of us, but even though he has passed his music continues. Like his contemporary J Dilla, born on the same day, both artists created such a massive following and legacy that their music will never die. The style and sound of the late Jun Seba will continue to live through artists inspired by him and also through his label and friends continuing to use and remix the music he left when he passed on.

The latest news from the Nujabes camp is the official music video for part 6 of the famed Luv(sic) series with emcee Shing02 remixed by friend and frequent collaborator Uyama Hiroto. Along with the music video, there has also been a documentary made that gives an intriguing perspective to the minds and activities of artists that closely surrounded Jun Seba during life and carry on his legacy today.