Japanese independent label Honey Records was founded in 2012 by Yasu-Pacino. Their roster features music by beatmakers & DJs such as Budamunk, King Tone, Issugi, Yotaro, and Yasu-Pacino himself.

He reached out to us with this summer mix, featuring laid-back hip-hop beats from their label. To spread it further from Kumamoto to the world, we decided to upload it on our Mixcloud as well. So kick back and enjoy the sweet sounds straight from their Japanese honey comb.


1.Colors / Yasu-pacino feat. Budamunk
2.Araha / Budamunk
3.winter breeze / DENIM
4.Light / Budamunk
5.Marine / Yotaro
6.Tokyo Midnight / Yotaro
7.City Mind / Yasu-Pacino feat. 中村圭作&Yotaro
8.Silhouette / Yasu-Pacino feat. B.D.(co-produced by CHI3CHEE)
9.Atavistic / Yasu-Pacino feat. ISSUGI&仙人掌(co-produced by CHI3CHEE)
10.Kouri / Yotaro
11.morning haze / Yotaro

Listen to more Honey Records music: Bandcamp