Stay Hungry #2

Stay Hungry #2

And we’re back with the second edition of Stay Hungry! The Find’s latest podcast series, hosted by Jelger Staal (yup, good luck with pronouncing his name).

This podcast is the little brother of Stay Thirsty, and functions as an exploration of music without any boundaries, without restrictions to specific genres. The only rule of Stay Hungry: the music needs to be hella-good. So if you’re open-minded to all kinds of music — from vibrant jazz to soulful hip hop, and from ambient electronica to even a bit of drum and bass at the end of the podcast — then this is for you.

This time we even almost hit the 2 hour mark, and we kick things off with a very real (ahem…) shout out from a world famous DJ. Press play and enjoy!

(Cover: Action Bronson is hungry)

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