News: The Find Rewind is sold out

News: The Find Rewind is sold out

After only a week, our exclusive beat tape ‘The Find Rewind’ is sold out! We released 100 copies of this tape, featuring unreleased and new music by artists as Arts The Beatdoctor, Headnodic (Crown City Rockers), Incise, Pat D, Stro The 89th Key (formerly of The Procussions), LuiGi, Daru Jones, K-Murdock (Panacea) and much more.

After only a week, we’re out of copies of our exclusive beat tape The Find Rewind !

It’s faster than we personally expected, so we’d like to thank everyone who purchased a copy of the tape. It’s great to see all the love the artists get. If we already shipped your tape, you received a confirmation last week. This week we’ll send the other tapes.

Some people thought it was a foolish idea to release actual cassette tapes in the year 2010. Even a known record label told us it was impossible to sell tapes these days. Our concept was to make a change in the blogosphere, to come with something unique instead of a regular MP3 compilation and to bring people back to ‘the good old days’. We want to thank all involved artists and of course all people who listened, ordered and promoted this!! 

Missed it?
Over at Laid Back Radio you win two of the last copies, of the 100 we released. Besides that there are a handful copies left as buffer, so stay tuned on Twitter, Facebook and this site to hear when you can get one of the final few tapes. After that we’re out of tapes forever and we won’t press more of them, to keep it exclusive. We’re thinking of releasing a follow up project one day, so keep coming back to this website! The tape is available as stream on Mixcloud as well.

More info: Bandcamp / The Find Mag

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