The Find Magazine – Issue Four

This puts the ‘magazine’ in The Find Magazine. After several digital releases, we proudly present our very first printed hip hop magazine!

Issue Four leans on the concept of crate digging. It’s a source for real music enthusiasts who love to get familiar with new music. Issue Four is full of unknown talents, interviews with respected artists, new releases and music related articles.

Including: Surreal, Emancipator, FS Green, Full Crate, The Gaslamp Killer, Soulchef, Moka Only, Teebs, Eternia, Nicolay vs. Blockhead, Sanford Greene, Eponym & Esta, Two sided article: Jazz Hop, Sotu The Traveller, Cy Yung, 8Bitch, Nujabes Memorial with words by Substantial, Verbal, Pase Rock, Shin-Ski & Blazo, World Tour Special, Vlada Stojanovic, M-Phazes, Juan Sativo (of Tiro De Gracia), Shad, Clear Soul Forces, Cradle Orchestra, Bonobo, Strangeloop, Licensed to Sample: a sampling guide for producers, Slugabed, Bocafloja, Jeremiah Jae, BK-One, Free The Robots, Brainfeeder Special, Lewis Parker, Embee (of Looptroop Rockers), Funky DL … and much more. Order Here.

We don’t think in overused labels such as underground, mainstream, old school or new school. Good music is good music. And that’s exactly what you find in Issue Four. Hip hop is the main ingredient, but we flirt with other genres such as Jazz, Electronic, Soul and Funk as well. Call it eclectic, call it a cross-over, or let’s just call it qualitative music.

After each feature the reader finds a shortlist with related recommendations, so you can keep on digging for new music that fits your personal taste perfectly. Besides free European shipping, you also get a free digital mix by DJ Swann. The 80 tracks are organized in the same order as the pages of the magazine. Thanks to the separated tracks and the magazine themed tags, you can easily navigate through the mix and listen to the artist you are reading about in the mag.

Aesthetics are very important to us. Last year we’ve released The Find Rewind. A physical beat tape, sold out within two weeks, with exclusive instrumentals by a wide array of producers. Among them were Stro The 89th Key, Kev Brown, Suff Daddy, Dela and Headnodic (of Crown City Rockers). The sequel, a vinyl project, is in the pipeline as we speak. After limited edition T-shirts in collaboration with the European label Project Mooncircle, Issue Four is our newest physical effort. A printed magazine with the best music, the smell of fresh paper and an accompanying digital mix make this into another aesthetic experience for true hip hop enthusiasts.

Sold Out!


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