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Listen to the new Stay Hungry mix, Volume 5

Oddisee, Mndsgn, Ohmega Watts, Homeboy Sandman, Jonwayne, Talib Kweli, DJ Spinna, Joey Bada$$, Elzhi, A Tribe Called Quest… They’re all in the mix. But, more importantly: for our Stay Hungry series we give carte blanche to host Jelger Staal when it…
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Stay Hungry #3

Your host Jelger Staal is back on the wheels of ‘staal’ to present you his favorite recent finds – 68 of ’em! ‘Stay Hungry’ is all about discovering new music, and appreciating multiple genres. Musical Schizphrenia, if you will. If…
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Stay Hungry Vol. 2 (The Find Podcast)

And we’re back with the second edition of Stay Hungry! The Find’s latest podcast series, hosted by Jelger Staal (yup, good luck with pronouncing his name). This podcast is the little brother of Stay Thirsty, and functions as an exploration of…
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Stay Hungry Vol. 1 (The Find Podcast)

Yes yes! After bringing you the sounds of Stay Thirsty for over 4 years now (don’t worry, Kamir is still working on new editions in between taking over the world as a mad scientist, it isn’t over yet!), we decided…
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Podcast: Stay Thirsty Episode 56

After far too long, our Stay Thirsty podcast finally returns with another episode of 90s boom bap, remixes, and current freshness. As always, the show leans heavily to the side of jazz influenced dusty beats with producers like DJ Premier, Lewis…
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Podcast: Stay Thirsty (Episode 55)

As has been the trend of late on Stay Thirsty, the show gravitates towards lesser known 90s raps and some current remixes of throwback golden era gems, all very much steeped in jazz vibrations.
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Podcast: Stay Thirsty Episode 54

Welcome to episode 54 of our Stay Thirsty podcast. This show is primarily focused on 90s golden era gems and then finishes up with some global hip hop styles from non-English rappers. The goal is quite simply to promote the…
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Podcast: Stay Thirsty Episode 53

After one year on hiatus, Stay Thirsty is finally back! Of course the podcast sticks to the roots of The Find Mag and showcases hip hop you should be listening to, primarily focused on jazzy, soulful, and raw boom bap styles.