Fennek Records entered The Find HQ through a time-travel wormhole and left a signed copy of Interdimensional Travel by Greek beatmaker Kill Emil. Stunned by the execution of this instrumental hip-hop concept album, we now give away the 10″ record.

Just like their Poltergeist 10″ with Japanese-inspired silkscreening, the execution of Interdimensional Travel is again something special: custom silk-screened record covers “each with a different part of the galaxy” (read: white paint splatters), a separate sticker of Kill Emil’s spaceship to put on the cover yourself, a technical sketch of the EP, and the 10″ record comes in a spacesuit-like aluminum bag.

Wanna win it, signed by Kill Emil? Head over to our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and drop a comment on the right post. Till we announce the winner, take a boom bap trip through space with the album stream below:

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