DJ Optimus – Jaaneman EP

DJ Optimus – Jaaneman EP

DJ Optimus of the Dutch Fremdtunes collective released a personal piece of work today: Jaaneman, a 6-track EP dedicated to his father. At the same time it’s “an ode to the consolation of music,” released six years after the passing of his dad.

The first track we heard, “A door falls to shut, a window widely folds” (sidenote – all track titles are based on a poem by André Sollie), made us mark today’s release on our calendar: a beautifully composed soundscape of drums, keys, guitar and trumpet.

The rest of the tracks on the EP have been brewed from a melting pot of hip hop, ambient, jazz, and classical music, supported by a couple of guest musicians (cello, keys, guitar & trumpet), adding a warm and soulful touch to Jaaneman.


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