Free Download: Scarecrow – Evil & Crossroads (2012)

Free Download: Scarecrow – Evil & Crossroads (2012)

As you know we are huge fans of jazz hop here at The Find, and indeed many forms of groovy hip hop fusion. Well check out this amazing fusion of blues and hip hop by Toulouse-based group Scarecrow.

The beats are pretty damn sick interpolations of blues sensibilities and boom bap rhythms complimented by on point rapping and some bluesy singing. Check this free 7-track album for a great collection of unique bluesy hip hop! Awesome stuff, France is always full of wonderful hip hop surprises.

1. Evil & Crossroads 04:07
2. Morning Rooster 02:42
3. My Lowd 04:15
4. Dans mes Poches 04:47
5. Boy 07:18
6. Neant 04:33
7. Ain’t got no Choice 05:55

Free Download

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