Woxow – ‘Alcazar’ Album Release + Guest Mix

Woxow – ‘Alcazar’ Album Release + Guest Mix

Wow, Woxow. That microKORG on “Batubagen”. That powerful verse by Jurassic 5’s Akil on “Chaos”. That singing on “Watering Seeds”. That contemporary and fresh feel on “Up” despite the use of an iconic Honey Drippers drum break… You can clearly hear it took twenty years of digging and music-studying before Italian producer, DJ, and record collector Woxow started working on his debut album Alcazar. 

Alcazar explores the concept of “malaise”: the uncomfortable feeling that something is wrong, mainly in society. That’s why the album highlights topics such as consumerism, modern-day slavery, capitalism, and globalization. “Nothing new, but nothing we can forget”, says Woxow in the press release.

That sounds like some deep shit and heavy listening, but it’s actually the opposite: Alcazar is a refreshing blend of old school hip-hop beats with downtempo music. The music got a contemporary feel to it by way of live guitar, bass, microKORG, Nord Electro, trombone, trumpet, and DJ’ing. The album features Pugs Atomz, Akil (of Jurassic 5), Blacc El, Stimulus, Lostpoet, Hannah Williams (Record Kicks), Blurum13, Ken Boothe & Cyril Benhamou. And a “Chaos” 7″ is now available via his new imprint, Little Beat More.

And don’t start to worry if you see the length of 7 tracks in the embedded player. The album was done before Kanye West started his faux-original idea of releasing short 7-track albums. So that has nothing to do with it. But enough of that, go listen to Alcazar instead.

Guest Mix: Woxow – Pass The Peas #1

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