News: Onra to release a collaborative jazz album with Buddy Sativa

French producer Onra is preparing the release of a “spiritual, deep jazz” LP together with fellow Parisian Buddy Sativa. Together they’re now known as Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo. The upcoming same-titled debut album, to be released on April 9th via All City Records, consists of 12 liberating jazz tracks. 

Check the official cover artwork and the tracklist below. The debut release will be preceded by a limited 7″ record. [via]

01 Universe Is Love
02 UFO Paradise
03 Dark Karma
04 360->
05 The Muse Inside
06 Endangered Species
07 Honey, Hash, Rose
08 The Garden of Heavenly Delights
09 The Time is Now
10 COs (X)
11 Untitled (Afrojazz)
12 Wandering, Wondering