Free Download: Yani Mo – Compound/Words EP

Free Download: Yani Mo – Compound/Words EP

Atlanta emcee Yani Mo wrecks laid back instrumentals with a soft touch akin to Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets. Like a rapping aikido master, she intertwines her vocals subtly within a beat, amplifying its strength and redirecting boom bap energy straight to your cranium. 

Her latest release is the Compound/Words EP which is available for free download on her Bandcamp page. The beats from German producer MaMa G are generously laced with jazzy vibrations that lay a lush background for Yani Mo’s smoother than microwaved butter rhymes. Also be sure to check out her other available release, The Red Wall Lounge, which features various recycled beats from Dilla and Freddie Joachim.  

1. nah/ledge 02:54
2. ad/libs feat. allen thomas of iLLmont 03:30
3. home/grown 03:20
4. out/LAWD 02:29
5. go/diva feat. ladin awad 04:22
6. radio/activ 03:33
7. super/vise 02:52
8. diss/trust [bonus, but not really] 03:12


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